Weekend Warriors!


So the weekend is upon us! My husband travels M-F so staying on the diet during the week has been easy. The temptations of my husband’s rich and delicious food is not in my path. He is the cook in our house. He loves cooking and he does a great job at it. While he has been known to help the both of us lose of 100 lbs each with his cooking, his heavy handedness with salt, butter and all things that we should have in moderation is his real thing.

He also is trying to lose weight, an ongoing battle for most of my family, yea genes! I am going to try and stick to my diet as much as I can. I only have until Sunday to deal with this cleanse diet food then on Mon I can start to eat real food. I really needed the detox. He is  very supportive but we both sabotage each other, him with salty foods and me with sweet foods.

I will try and focus on more exercise this weekend. The weather has been cold. It should be in the 50-60’s yet it is still in the 30’s. It is reported that we will hit the 60’s this weekend so time to get out there! Three days I have been holding at the same weight. Need to break that number!

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