Temptation, M&Ms is Your Name Or Chocolate or Girl Scout Cookies or…


I wanted to take 5 M&Ms and pop them in my mouth. What could it hurt? Five little M&Ms could not throw off the diet ,right? Wrong! My problem is the five would turn into a handful, then maybe two handfuls… You can see where this is going? Rewards of food cannot and will not work for me. I don’t have an off switch. I cannot have a single piece of a Hershey’s bar, I need the whole thing.Yes it’s a need, a craving I cannot control as of yet. I have lost 4.5 lbs so far. I have stuck to my diet. I know it’s only since Monday and this is water weight but it is still a loss, not a gain.

How do I deal with temptation? Firstly I am the only one in the house that buys the M&Ms to fill the jar so that stops today. Once that jar is gone it will not be filled by me. I do not see my husband going out and buying them. My 30 year old son who still lives at home will not dare open his wallet and spend twenty bucks for a big bag. He is very frugal. So the glass jar will soon be empty. Then what?  What could I fill it with that is rewarding and satisfying yet not setting me down the wrong path? Many things come to mind, packets of almonds, peanuts, granola bars that fit in the program etc.

One day I hope I can reward myself with five M&M’s and be satisfied. Right now its not happening. The 2 hidden boxes of Thin Mint Cookies and Lemon Drop cookies hidden away in my closet call to me. You just have to support the Girl Scouts right? So why are they hidden away in my closet? Midnight snack, a craving call that needs to be answered? I am not sure. I did look at them last night briefly  then walked away. I need to get rid of them. Today when I get home from work I will toss them in the freezer out in the garage, hoping for the day where two cookies, a single serving will be a treat and a satisfying dessert treat.. It is a long time in coming but it will come.

Sidenote- Apple has a real life, being a 24 year old out in LA working in the film industry. I am so proud of her living her dream! I only wish her dream had been a bit closer in proximity. I will be writing a lot more than Apple.

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