Day 2 & 2 lbs Shed!

It was rewarding to get on the scale and receive an immediate reward for following the diet strictly on Day 1. The only thing I did wrong was I was 16oz away from drinking all 64 oz of water. I would like to say I woke up feeling happy and excited to move along on this journey but that didn’t happen. I received a reminder that I need more potassium when at 4:45AM my calf cramped up and had me hopping around the bedroom cursing like a truck driver. My stomach is unsettled probably not understanding what all the green stuff was doing, used to processed food and lots of junk.

I have all the excuses in the world. Three foot surgeries, bad knees could have had a hand in it.The truth of the matter is its all about overeating and not exercising. I just didn’t want too.As the pounds crept on I kept saying,to myself I can stop this, I just don’t want too. That was a half truth. I definitely didn’t want to stop and no I couldn’t stop.I love wine with dinner, I like bread and butter, Italian hoagies, cheesesteaks, pasta but most of all I love sweets.

This morning I took pictures of myself, the before. Evaluating them was a bit surreal, Now I understand why I am called grossly obese by medical terms. I am embarrassed. I don’t want to show anyone what I look like naked, least of all Apple. She should be embarrassed by me.I always wanted to be a Mom she could look up to and be proud to have me as her Mother. Somewhere I failed in the self image, body weight thing. It is apparent in her own comments that I passed on some of my own issues to her.It did make me cry. Last May at her college graduation I was a size 20. I wanted to be a size 16. It didn’t happen. I was the heaviest of all the parents she introduced me too.So I am going to post this hideous picture

. I will warn you it isn’t pretty.

For me it will be a reminder of how I slid so far but it will also be my battle cry of no more.

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