Who We Are

I am the tree. I definitely have roots and my limbs are stretching outwards to California, where my daughter has moved. Unfortunately, my leaves have gotten large, huge. Its time to manage them . My daughter is the apple. Its amazing how damn far she rolled away from the tree, in geography only. She is the fitness guru. I, on the other hand try to stay away from exercise in my ripe age of almost 55. That too is unfortunate because I look and feel 55. This changes after this weekend. The spring of my evolution with the help of this blog and my determination.

I am the apple. Sometimes it feels like my life is moving faster than I can keep up with it. At 22, I moved across the county from everyone I love the most to pursue a career I’ve always dreamed of. It’s been hard learning to live a new life so far removed from everything I’ve known. And as such, my nutrition has faltered to a new low. I work out intensively about 4-5 times a week, but my diet does not come anywhere close to aiding my routine. At this point, I know what I need to do, but I just need something to keep me accountable. Luckily I have this blog and my wonderful mother to lead the way.

Start Date 4/14/18


SW: 265.7

CW: 258.1


SW: 226.2

CW: 218.6