Tree-There it is black and white , somehow looking uglier and harsher in print and not the confines of my bathroom. As I am drinking Phase 1 of my South Beach Diet shake, I wonder if I will ever be under 200lbs. I am 54 years old and 5’51/2. That would be medically defined  as grossly obese. If I look at this as a whole, not in small parts its daunting and unattainable. I need to break this down into weeks. Every week I will try and focus on something different.

This week as it is the first week, I am going to focus on following the program exactly as given., day to day. Already I had to make my shake for breakfast instead of my mid morning snack.I can make the shake at home in the Vitamix, I cannot make it at work. So my snack will be a bar , then lunch a premade frozen meal with a bag of frozen green beans. Wrapping up the work day I will have another bar as a late afternoon snack. This will be in addition to the 64 oz of water I am suppose to drink. Woohoo 8:35 AM and 16oz down. I am not a fan of water. That will have to change. Dinner consists of another frozen meal with fresh cauliflower and broccoli. The Apple used to call them “little trees.” It will make me smile as I try to convince myself how delicious it all is.

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