The Day Before…

Tree- I am organized! Ready to go! I bought baskets to organize my foods. I bought a freezable lunch bag. I’ve set out my food for tomorrow. I am almost ready. I need to find batteries for the scale. Hard to start anything dealing with weight loss without a viable starting point.So we go to breakfast and this is my orderSo you can actually see why I need to go on this journey because admittedly I could and have eaten like this all the time! For me its the SWEETS! Gimmmeeeeeee! Chocolate is my preferred weapon of choice but not first thing in the morning.

Why now? What is the incentive? I am unhappy. I am fat. I feel tired and bloated all the time. I need to get healthy, yes for my family but mostly for myself. It’s time. The time is tomorrow! ( So I can eat what I want for lunch and dinner!!)


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