Unfortunately things have been spiraling out of control, some not my doing but most ALL mine, no one to blame but me. So what do I do when things are insane? I resort to solace in food which isn’t good at all. I just can’t seem to stop. South Beach diet kinda has me confused on what I can and cannot eat. It confuses me. Weight Watchers seems to be easier but for me what I did before , cutting down, low cards and just knowing what I can and cannot eat in combination. I mostly lost 90 lbs when I turned 50 by exercising and doing a modified Weight Watchers.

South Beach has 3 kinds of shakes. I love all three but I am not really sure what the difference is. It has kept me on track when I write in here. I also fell down on that, not good. I have creeped up and need to do more conscious choices and take responsibility for what I am stuffing into my mouth.

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