I Just Couldn’t Stop

I don’t even like banana pudding! Truly I don’t. You would have thought different with the 2nd helping I had!! So we are at an Awards Banquet, 10:00 AM and there is             food….lots of food! Yesterday at the Multicultural Celebration I marched right by all the food. Today I seemed to graze at the desserts table.

So as I grab my plate, I skip the sweet roll french toast bake.I skip the potatoes. I pile on the string beans, fruit, 2 pieces of quiche with no bread crust and one piece of turkey bacon. I was downright proud of myself. So I HAD to go back for seconds, right? I had another piece of quiche.Then I moved away from the food.

Dessert time! I could not pass up for the 3rd time a piece of the homemade banana pudding. I got a small mouthful. That wasn’t enough.OOhh no I had to go back for a rather healthy piece with 2 strawberries. Then , did you think I stopped? Hell no! I had another piece, which I did not eat all but geeez. It was an ugly food moment.Blah. I feel sick to my stomach. I gorged, binged ate way more than I was suppose to. Why?

Ok how do I correct this and correct it fast? Sticking my finger down my throat is not an option. Damage is done , now I need to pick up the pieces and continue on.So no dessert tonight, thats a given. And now I feel like I need a nap, yup sugar crash. I hate this     .

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