Creeping Up


I am not having much success. The up and down of a diet is a norm I get that but I am having problems staying on track. I have a friend who has perhaps 2x the amount of weight I have to lose. We see each other at work to have lunch. Well that’s not true, to run out to grab lunch. We are situated around a Wa-Wa, Burger King, Chipotle, McDonald’s,Wendy’s, Chick FilA, Taco Bell, Dunkin Donuts, Saladworks ( where we never once went) Nick’s Pizza, and more.  We have 45 min to run out grab food, gobble it down and get back to work. This is the only time I see my friend, we work at separate ends of the building, our paths do not cross.

I brought my lunch yesterday, a diet friendly, healthy and pretty good tasting lunch, yet I texted my friend to go out and do lunch. We did Chipotle. I had the salad bowl, with steak, salsa, cheese and guacamole. I did not chips and had unsweetened ice tea. I thought I did pretty well. It would have been GREAT if I had only eaten half of that for lunch. I understand that as much as healthy eating is important so is portion control. Why cant we meet and eat our lunches together in the building? Thats a good question. It was a beautiful day, warm sun bright. I HAD to get out. So why didnt I eat outside or in the car with her? Hmmm

I didn’t because I wanted to eat what I considered real food. I  need to rethink everything.It’s a process.


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