Tues. the Ugly Stepchild of the Week


I always have said that Tuesday is the ugly stepchild of the week. There is nothing exciting about a Tuesday. Monday, you are back to work talking about your weekend exploits. Wednesday is “HUMP DAY!”. Thursday you can taste the weekend and Friday, let it begin! But Tuesday…..nada! I guess we could say it brings us closer to Friday.

So on this ugly stepchild Tues I start by having my shake ready to go.Truly I enjoy the South Beach shakes. They are flavorful and never chalky. It does taste like a vanilla or chocolate shake. The chocolate caramel shake is not as good as the plain ones.I change the directions and always add a 1/2 cup more ice. Admittedly if I did not have my Vitamix blender I am not sure if it would be as good. That blender is the most amazing piece of equipment in my kitchen besides my husband. What’s more, I purchased it on QVC at a fraction of the normal cost.I will also add that the shakes are filling, travel well and an easy thing to make and go.

Yesterday I attacked those Girl Scout cookies. I was possessed I swear!! It was not me eating that half of sleeve of Thin Mints or cramming lemon cookies into my fat trap….. Before I could do any MORE damage I threw them into my son’s room( He is 30) and    rushed out of there. I told him to take the cookies and get rid of them! When I told my husband of this exploit his only comment was,” Where did you hide them?”

I ain;t telling nobody nuttin’!

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