Getting Back in the Saddle

Even though we are thousands miles away, something definitely connects us because I also had a rough weekend. Or week rather.

I had my first ever work trip last week that took me to Las Vegas for three days. It was an a amazing experience that stuck me right in the middle of the entire film industry. While I averaged about 10,000 steps, I was also given free reign to room service FOR FREE. So who am I to choose the cheaper, blander salad over the delicious filet mignon with french fries? I stayed away from alcohol besides sharing an alcoholic slushie that was truly not worth the calories, but all my coworkers were partaking and I felt I had to as well.

Unfortunately, I’d hoped my diet would rebound when I returned on Thursday. But I struggled with turning down AGAIN FREE pizza that covered dinner and lunch the next day. Weekends I usually only eat one to two big meals and I allow myself to cheat. But, I truly need to settle in on weekends. Yes, postmates makes getting good food easier than ever. But it’s not easy on my wallet or waistline. Cooking during the weekends is a MUST for me going forward.

Now, while I would love nothing more than chalking up the last week and the diet as a whole as a loss and go back to eating what I want, I need to refocus. I won’t give up regardless of how hard this is. Mistakes and bumps happen. Temptation is real and sometimes we give in. But it’s not about how many times you get thrown off course. It’s about how you find your way back.

And just to give you a little taste of the daily temptation, here is a picture of the food my office constantly has stocked and ready for the taking.